Senik Gevorkyan

Senik Gevorkyan, a young Russo-Swiss man full of hope and ambitions, has just graduated from Switzerland’s Aiglon College as the story opens in the foothills of the Alps. He can stay put into helping his family’s empire expand, something many people wouldn’t hesitate to do, or step out of his comfort zone to start his path and establish himself. Senik is a rapper and influencer inspired by the work of Antonio Brown AB; he is a very hard worker who inspires him to work just as hard as he does, if not harder because he constantly makes him feel humble and pushes him to give his best effort.
Senik, who has never shied away from an adventure, sets off on his own and plans to travel to America, the home of fame and money. After being accepted, he finds that Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, is not his cup of tea. Because of his artistic talent and the time constraints that school entails, and decides to drop out. A table at Mr. Jones in Miami Beach twice a week, Vendome night in Miami regularly, or his personal favorite—buying six tables at Sway along with twenty bottles not once, not twice, but three times—he starts partying like there’s no tomorrow while also beginning to write the early versions of Pablo. This song reflects his opulent lifestyle in America. Until he remembers he has bigger aspirations than just having fun and longs to use his talent to create music for the world to enjoy and prove he’s not just another prick born with a silver spoon up his behind, the man, who is 5’9, wears a black cap, and speaks with some accent, is the one paying the bills at these establishments.
He keeps working on Pablo and also creates a few other songs, all of which fall under different genres because, in his opinion, life shouldn’t only have one type of flavor. Senik showed AB real promise and a spirit of battle, two qualities essential for success in the music business. He decided to put him on with the connections he had made after noticing the hunger in his eyes, a hunger reminiscent of the one he felt while battling to make his claim for superstardom not just in one industry but two. Senik started working without any hesitation after this. Focusing on his artistic career, he immersed himself in music and adopted the stage Sen.
Now that a music video is complete and several are in the works, he is living like Pablo. Sen is returning to school and is prepared to introduce the world to the 20-year-old Russian youngster by having all his paperwork in place. The largest obstacle he encountered was performing in front of a huge crowd. Still, after one concert with Antonio Brown, he could get beyond it and feel more confident about himself and his music. Another obstacle he had to overcome was his timidity while recording in a large music studio with many other individuals.

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